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There are 24 rooms available for the guests - single room, double/twin room or triple room. Each room contains - TV, shower/ bath, WC and WiFi.
If you are travelling with your pet, there is a possibility to accommodate it in a separate room.


Bar & Restaurant

Hotel "Daugavkrasti" has a bar and a restaurant that offers you not only the chance to choose your desired dish and drink from a vast variety of choices, but also a wonderful atmosphere.


Fete & Conferences

Hotel "Daugavkrasti" offers a hall next to the sauna with total capacity of 15 people, as well as the Café hall that can host up to 50 guests. There are also two conference halls of which the Small hall hosts up to 60 people and the Great hall – up to 200.


About The Hotel

"Daugavkrasti" is a full service Hotel and has been recognized as a cultural heritage with beautiful views of the Daugava river which is located just a few meters from the hotel. The total area of ​​the hotel is more than 2000 m2



Beach Biliard Sauna & pool

Just a 30 m walk from "Daugavkrasti" is the vast sand beach by the river Daugava enabling you to enjoy sunbathing or a relaxing walk along the shore. 


The hotel offers a lovely way to relax and spend time with your friends playing billiard, darts or table tennis.




If you are tired of everyday life or you simply enjoy saunas, we offer a possibility for you and your friends to relax in our sauna and recharge with a refreshing ice cold swim in the pool afterwards.





News for motorcyclists

We are well taken care of and we've created a special motorcycle shed so that you no longer have to worry about the security of your motorbike.

Special offers for groups and long term guests

If you are more than 10 people who have decided to stay in "Daugavkrasti" or you are going to stay for a longer period than 3 days, you will be granted a discount. Special offer for working brigades. To find out more please contact "Daugavkrasti" - (+371) 29480662